A few weeks ago, I was one of a dozen speakers at the local Ignite Guelph event. I shared the stage with some amazing local speakers. 

Some were new to speaking to a crowd. 
Others were comfortable on stage. 
A few sounded like pros.

Our speeches, just like each of us, were different. 
Some were serious. 
Some were thought-provoking.
Others were funny and off-beat. 

The topics of our speeches varied: 
One spoke about life as being the ultimate expression of improvisation.
Another spoke about the structures of trust.
One spoke about the importance of the sense of touch.
Yet another spoke about riding motorcycles,
another about geocaching,
and me - well, I spoke about sharing story. 

The important thing that happened that night is that we were all speaking about something that we are passionate about. That's what Ignite! events are all about. 

I had a great time, and look forward to participating at the next Ignite Guelph event in spring!

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