I've been working on building my website, and it's been a pretty humbling experience to go back to old versions of my site, and to transfer things over to here. So bear with me as I transfer old material to here, so that I can move forwards. 
Every day, you are surrounded with story. From the moment that you wake to the moment you close your eyes, story is all around you. 

Sometimes, the stories that crowd you are stories from the news that you hear on the radio, watch on the television, or read on the internet. 

Sometimes the stories that hem you in are the ones in print - in the newspaper, in magazines.

Sometimes the stories that touch you are ones that you see played out in your surroundings - on the drive to work, to school, on the bus, in the store, at the playground. 

Some stories are the ones that you've been told - the ones that mom and dad and grandma, grandpa, cousins, aunts,uncles and friends have shared with you. 

There are stories you carry with you for your entire life - the ones that you create, and believe about yourself and the world you live in. Those are stories too. 

Story is everywhere. It's in everyone, and connects everyone to each other. It's like superglue. 

Through this blog, I hope to share stories about stories... about writing, and about the process of doing it. Welcome!