Our dog, Fudge, whose antics amuse me every day.
For a long time, our family had two dogs. So I know all about the joys of having a dog, as well as just what kind of trouble they can get into. This story was inspired by our first dog, Snap. She's was a Westipoo. 

Back in February 2006, the editor of Kayak magazine so liked a short story I sent him as a sample of my writing that he asked me to write a story with a similar feel  but "reset it to the settlement period in the plains of Canada ... and oh, it has to include the Northwest Mounted Police. And ... ummm.. .could you please do that in two weeks?"

I jumped at the opportunity to do something on a deadline. So I buckled down and read  up on the NWMP, their role and, of course, the people who came to settle the prairies of Canada. I researched names, types of rifles as well as a few important details. Okay, I missed some (as a fellow writer FROM the prairies later told me). But I did my best given my timeline.

Here is the link to my story, Tail Waggin' Trouble. See if you can find the historical inaccuracy.